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Food Nannies Strike Again

Calories on the Menu by the FDAThe Federal Food and Drug Administration has spent a lot of time and even more of your money coming up with new regulations requiring restaurants, movie theaters, and even vending machines to provide calorie counts for all their kitchen-made items.

The impetus for this regulation was one of things we found, when we looked, in the ‘Affordable Care Act’ signed in 2010.   It’s one of many compliance items that were delayed for years, so these particular regulations have been chewed on for a long time and are set to be spit out in just a few days on May 5.   Imagine the taco stand down the street trying to comply with this smorgasbord of requirements  when the tacos are made to order.  Calculate one flour tortilla, or a different number for hard corn taco shells, add the type of meat, figuring in cooking method, plus veggies.  Sour cream?   Ding ding ding!!!  Does the bureaublob expect the food truck proprietor to pull out a calculator with every order?   Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Sure the nation-wide chains with large staffs can comply, but once again, it’s the little guy getting creamed, or more likely, the calorie numbers will be randomly picked and meaningless as is the case for so many unintelligible and unenforceable rules.  Furthermore, how is a restaurant supposed to provide a calorie count on a self-serve salad bar?   If a consumer is ordering a pepperoni pizza, do they really need their big daddy government to tell them there is hecka fat and calories in every slice?

This regulation will waste more than a billion dollars a year the food industry claims.  Worse yet, Wastebook predicts that small businesses are impacted more than large chains, and some of the very same ‘fresh food’ that the government spends millions promoting will simply be taken off menus if it’s too difficult to quantify and comply.

 Who’s to Blame?

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The elimination of this ridiculous regulation would be a quick, easy demonstration of the crushing over-regulation in our country.   This one, Trump can Dump.

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